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A sake set’s server is a flask known as a tokkuri (). A tokkuri is typically bulbous with a short neck, although it can also take the shape of a spouted serving bowl (katakuchi). Firtly, sake is traditionally warmed by placing the sake-filled tokkuri in a pan of hot water, and the narrower neck prevents heat from escaping. A traditional Japanese sake set typically includes a sake flask called a tokkuri and small cups called ochoko. The tokkuri is often made of ceramic or glass and is designed to hold and serve the sake. The ochoko are also typically made of ceramic or glass and are small enough to be held in one hand.

Furthermore, the design of the tokkuri and ochoko can vary greatly depending on the region of Japan they come from. Some are very simple and understated, while others are decorated with intricate designs or patterns. Some may even feature hand-painted artwork or calligraphy. When serving sake, the tokkuri is filled with sake and warmed in hot water or by slowly heating on a stove. The sake is then poured into the ochoko, which are sometimes stackable for convenient storage. Sake is generally drunk in little sips, and it is polite to pour for others rather than yourself.


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