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Firstly, when the bottle is opened, the sound of the cork popping out can be heard, indicating that the wine is ready to be served. Subsequently, the bottle is held over the glass, and the wine starts to flow out slowly.

As the wine flows into the glass, it creates a tinkling sound, almost like a musical note being played. The color of the wine is another thing that captures the attention, with its deep, rich hues that glisten in the light.

Additionally, as the wine reaches the halfway point of the glass, it begins to form a little whirlpool, creating a mesmerizing effect. The aroma of the wine is also noticeable at this point, with its fruity and floral notes filling the air.

Finally, as the glass is filled to the brim, the wine settles down. The bubbles on the surface slowly dissipate. It’s a beautiful sight to behold, with the wine looking like a work of art in the glass.

In conclusion, pouring wine into a glass is not just a process, but an experience.

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