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Firstly, immerse yourself in the magical world of Mobile Legends with the captivating Harley, the mischievous Mage hero, in this vibrant PNG image! Harley, a young magician with a penchant for tricks and invention, brings crowd control and burst damage to the battlefield, making him a fun and challenging hero to master.

Harley’s skill set revolves around his poker cards, providing both damage and utility. With a 15% chance to mark enemies with a poker card upon attack, Harley sets the stage for stunning crowd control. When an enemy accumulates five poker cards, they are stunned for 1.5 seconds, leaving them vulnerable to Harley’s burst damage.

Deadly Magic, Harley’s first skill, unleashes a magic ring that deals damage, slows nearby enemies, and reduces their magic defense. This skill is essential for initiating fights and controlling enemy movements.

Furthermore, Trickster’s Cloak, Harley’s second skill, grants him invisibility, a movement speed boost, and the ability to pass through enemy units. This skill enables Harley to reposition himself and launch surprise attacks on unsuspecting enemies.

Moreover, Harley’s ultimate, Deadly Poker, releases a flurry of poker cards in a designated area, dealing massive magic damage and reducing the magic defense of affected enemies. This skill is Harley’s primary damage-dealing tool, showcasing his high burst potential.

Lastly, mastering Harley requires precise timing and positioning. While his squishy nature makes him susceptible to crowd control and physical damage, strategic awareness of enemy movements is crucial for success. Additionally, we can see more Mobile Legends character PNG images on ONGPNG.

In the early game, focus on farming and harassing enemies with deadly magic. As you reach level four, Harley becomes a formidable force in team fights and ganks. Utilize Trickster’s Cloak to initiate surprise attacks and unleash Deadly Poker to burst down high-priority targets.

Harley, with his blend of crowd control, burst damage, and outplay potential, is a fun and rewarding hero to master. With practice and strategic decision-making, Harley can become a dominant force in the Land of Dawn.

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