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To begin with, In this PNG Image, we can see the digital wallet logo for Khalti, a popular digital wallet in Nepal. The logo is a purple-and-white design with the word “Khalti” in a sans-serif font. The word “DIGITAL WALLET” is also in the logo, but it is smaller and in a different font. The logo consists of two elements: the word “Khalti” in a modern and bold font and a stylized letter “K” icon. The logo is on a transparent background, so it can be placed on any color or background.

Furthermore, Khalti is a digital wallet and payment gateway in Nepal. It was founded in 2016 by Amit Agrawal, Utsav Timilsina, and Suraj Shrestha. Khalti allows users to make payments for a variety of goods and services, including online shopping, utility bills, transportation fares, and more.

The logo is simple and elegant, and it accurately reflects the brand of Khalti. The purple color is associated with luxury and sophistication, while the white color represents cleanliness and purity. The sans-serif font is modern and easy to read, and the word “DIGITAL WALLET” provides clear information about what Khalti is.

Overall, the logo is a well-designed and effective representation of Khalti. It is simple, elegant, and informative, and it accurately reflects the brand.

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