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Firstly, professional soccer player N’Golo Kanté, wearing a white Nike sports jersey with the number 8 printed on it in blue. Kante is standing against a black background and has short hair. In his hands, he holds a white and black soccer ball, which appears to be brand new. His facial expression is serious yet determined as he stares directly at the camera lens. Secondly, Kanté’s body language conveys confidence and strength; his posture is upright and proud, while his arms are slightly bent to hold the ball firmly in place. The bright colors of his clothing stand out against the dark backdrop, emphasizing both him and the object he holds in his hands. An important symbol for any athlete who plays this sport

Moreover, The details of Kanté’s face are clear: from his eyes that seem focused on something far away to the slight smile playing around his lips.  Kante represents their country or team when they play football matches all over the world.

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