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In this image, Mahesh babu wearing sunglasses. Mahesh babu is wearing a blue striped shirt and a set of black eyeglasses. Firstly, Mahesh Babu’s look was made more elegant by the black eyeglasses. They enhanced his features and added an air of mystique, giving him a more enticing appearance in the eyes of his admirers. Additionally, the sunglasses shielded his eyes from the harsh sunshine while still enabling him to appear fashionable.

Secondly, Mahesh Babu’s black eyeglasses went flawlessly with his blue-striped shirt. The color mix of blue and black produced a timeless appearance. The stripes on the shirt also gave the ensemble some dimension and substance, which helped it stick out even more. Furthermore, Mahesh Babu’s choice of sunglasses and shirt was also in sync with the occasion.

In conclusion, Mahesh Babu’s fashion sense and style are a reflection of his personality and charisma. His choice of black sunglasses and a blue striped shirt was a testament to his impeccable taste and fashion sense. The combination was both stylish and practical, showcasing his attention to detail and his ability to put together a fashionable look effortlessly. His fans eagerly await his next appearance to see what fashionable outfit he will wear next.

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