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In the image of Buggy wearing a Criminal T-shirt and a clown mask, you see the iconic character in a striking and somewhat menacing appearance. Buggy’s usual clown attire has been replaced by a striped prison uniform, indicating that he’s in a rather different and possibly more serious situation.

Furthermore, Buggy’s face is concealed behind a clown mask, creating an eerie and enigmatic vibe. The mask features a big red nose and a wide mouth adorned with red lips.

Moreover, With his arms crossed, Buggy stands confidently, exuding an air of authority and defiance. Buggy the Star Clown is a character with a complex background in the One Piece series. He is the captain of the Buggy Pirates, known for their eccentricities and clownish personas. Buggy has had connections with the legendary Roger Pirates, served as one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and achieved the esteemed status of one of the Four Emperors of the pirate world. Additionally, we can find more Buggy PNG Images from ONGPNG.

Despite his comedic personality and penchant for exaggeration, Buggy possesses formidable combat skills, including swordsmanship, and wields the powers of a Devil Fruit, making him a formidable and multifaceted character within the series.

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