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Pouring tea from a teapot into a cup is a simple yet elegant process that involves a series of fluid movements. First, the tea is brewed to perfection, allowing the flavors and aromas to fully develop. Then, the teapot is lifted and tilted, and the tea begins to flow gently into the cup.

Initially, the teapot is positioned directly over the cup, and the spout is carefully aimed toward the center. As the tea begins to pour out, it forms a thin stream that gradually widens and fills the cup. The sound of the tea trickling into the cup is soothing, and the aroma of the tea fills the air.

As the cup fills up, the tea stream becomes more intense, and the tea froths up slightly. The teapot is then raised slightly to control the flow of the tea, ensuring that it does not overflow from the cup.

Once the tea is poured, the teapot is placed back onto the table, and the cup is left to cool for a moment. The steam rises from the cup, and the aroma of the tea becomes more intense. The cup is then lifted to the lips, and the first sip of the tea is savored.

Overall, pouring tea from a teapot to a cup is a delicate process that requires precision and grace. The sound and aroma of the tea create a serene atmosphere. The taste of the tea is a reward for the careful preparation and pouring of the tea.

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