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Firstly, the Analog clock face is circular and divided into 12 segments, each representing an hour. The hour markers are often indicated by Roman numerals or Arabic numerals, and the segments between the hours represent the minutes. Additionally, the clock face may include markings for the 5-minute intervals or even the individual minutes.

Next, the hour hand rotates around the clock face, indicating the current hour. The hour hand moves gradually and smoothly, following the circular path of the clock face. As the hour hand moves, it may overlap with the minute hand, which also follows a circular path but at a faster rate.

As the minute hand moves, it passes over the minute markers on the clock face, indicating the current minute. The minute hand moves more quickly and smoothly than the hour hand, and it may also overlap with the second hand if one is present.

Finally, the second-hand moves in a continuous motion, ticking off the seconds as they pass. The second hand moves quickly and smoothly, following the circular path of the clock face. It may be positioned at the center of the clock face or at the edge, depending on the clock’s design.

In conclusion, an analog clock PNG image is a classic representation of time that is still widely used today. The circular clock face, hour hand, minute hand, and second-hand work together to indicate the current time.

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